Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part II

11. Even though I am not afraid of heights, I do not like roller coasters. I LOVE rides like the tilt-a-whirl, aero 360 (upside down rides).

12. I am not much of a chocolate person. I mean, I enjoy it...but I don't love it as much as most women.

13. I also HATE shopping. Okay...not hate, but it's just okay.

14. When I was in first grade, I stapled my finger.

15. Growing up, my favorite Muppets character was Fozzie Bear.

16. While traveling through Scotland on a windy, rainy day, I found a Fozzie stuffed animal in the Disney store and had to get it!

17. I visited Disney World, but not until I was 20. I was on spring break with one of my friends in Florida and we spent a day in Disney.

18. I met a guy on my mission trip to NOLA that my friend Lita thinks would be perfect for me. Unfortunately, he's dating/has a crush on another girl that was on the trip. Figures.

19. I have 399 friends on Facebook. Yes, I know them all.

20. I joined Facebook in December '05, after I was done with college.

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