Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part V

41. I was born in Maine. We moved from there to a rural town in central Pennsylvania.

42. Many of our neighbors were Amish people and one of my fondest summer memories is of Amish boys pulling a red wagon piled with sweet corn up and down the road, selling it- delicious!!]

43. When I was in college, I joined an ultimate frisbee team. I just remember being really out of breath from running so much...haha!

44. I would love to have 10 kids.

45. I dream of adopting at least a few children, but not necessarily as infants.

46. If I am not married by 28/30 I plan to adopt as a single parent.

47. I believe that it is better for a child to have one awesome parent than to float from foster home to foster home for their whole life.

48. I would be willing and SO excited to be able to adopt a child with Down's Syndrome.

49. I enjoy most vegetables, especially corn and tomatoes.

50. My blog template comes from Final Sense...isn't it beautiful?

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