Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part IV

31. When I was about 10, I was hit in the nose by a metal baseball bat. My nose bled and bled for a LONG time and has never been the same.

32. A few nights ago, one of the little boys in our school was hit by a metal baseball bat. He has a hilarious story, which I'll have to post at some point.

33. When I was 12, I broke my right wrist.

34. I was at a Vacation Bible School at my friend's house. We were playing Sharks and Minnows, and I had flip flops on. The ground was wet, I slipped, and 2 girls fell on top of me.

35. My wrist was visibly broken but not open and bleeding. My mom got peas or corn...some vegetable! to use as ice.

36. I was supposed to ride in an ambulance from the first, smaller hospital to the larger one, but my dad wanted to drive me. It was the most painful ride of my life.

37. I was supposed to stay overnight in the hospital, but because my mom is a former nurse, they let me go home with her.

38. When I got my wisdom teeth removed, they all fell into my sinus cavity and I couldn't eat real food for 3 weeks.

39. I lost over 20 lbs. and the day I could begin eating again was the day I moved onto campus at college.

40. A week or so after my teeth had been removed, I wasn't allowed outdoors except to walk from the car to the house/church etc. When we went to church in town one weekday, I snuck away to visit my co-workers. We were all custodians and I wanted to see them...I got in SO much trouble for being in the cold and around dust.

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