Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part VIII

71. If I live with my parents this summer, which I am leaning towards, I will probably go back to be a custodian.

72. I just found out that my friend Hope may also be working custodial this summer...which would make it that much more AWESOME!!

73. A few months ago, I tried to order the magazine "Popular Science" and ended up ordering "Popular Mechanics"...for TWO years....crap.

74. Ironically, I did NOT like science in school, ever. But I find PS magazine really cool!

75. I had a biology teacher in high school that I did like...but we didn't get to dissect anything because my teacher and his son were squeamish. LOL.

76. I still think about the 3 Musketeers a lot...I am continually working on cutting them permanently out of my life.

77. I have already picked a few of my children's names out-- Abigail Kathleen Mailee, Dominic Elias, Audrey Mariah Grace, Liam Gabriel. Elias and Kathleen are after my parents' names.

78. I went to the college I did because I felt unable to live with my parents anymore and was only17. The way I remember it, they said it was "this college or wait until you are 18 and go where you want"...that's not quite how they probably said it. ;)

79. I was a strong willed, bossy child. Definitely one of my parents' harder children...and Rachael is following suit at the end of the kid line-up.

80. My mom wants me to try speed dating. I am considering it...but I am not sure I would like to go alone.

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