Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part IX

81. My boss thinks that I am confident, not scared of's so not true, but nice to hear. People always have a different opinion of me than I have of myself.

82. When I was about 14/15/16 and last summer, I was depressed. I probably should have been on medication.

83. I used to be a pessimist, but work daily at turning that around and the last few years, have been SO much happier with the glass half full!

84. When I quit my nanny job last summer, I felt like a failure-- after all, I had only been there two months before giving 30 days notice.

85. This is because I am a hard worker and determined to finish important jobs.

86. However, I do NOT regret leaving that job. I was miserable and it was the best decision for me and my mental health. LOL.

87. At my summer nanny job last year, I had a very inconsiderate boss. When I asked to have a meeting with both him and his wife, he crossed the line and called me while at a business meeting to interrogate me. I was so humiliated.

88. I used to write a family "newsletter" when I was about 10. It had a crossword puzzle, news of what was going on in the family, etc.

89. I have been inside a few jails.

90. But not for anything illegal. I was on a mission trip and was ministering to was a bit scary though!

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