Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part X

91. My first car was a '92 Honda Accord. I bought it on my birthday in '05 (no, not a birthday present) and owned it for only 20 months. I felt ripped off because it was definitely a lemon.

92. My dad tried to teach me to drive on a stick shift car. I protested enough and was a moody teenager...sooo I still don't know how to drive stick shift.

93. My dad HATES when my mom, sisters and I drive barefoot. He says, "What if a rock/bee flies in the window and you don't have shoes on? That's very dangerous!" LOL...Still, we all do it during the spring/summer/fall...

94. Sometimes I feel closer to my mom's best friends than my own friends.

95. I have known one of my friends for about 12 years, we were really close until she began having sex with her boyfriend, got pregnant, and didn't tell me she was pregnant until she was 1/2 way through the pregnancy. We are getting closer again lately, and for that I'm thankful...but she lives 7 hours away.

96. The first night my current roommate and I lived together, the electricity went out for about three hours, so we lit candles and played cards-- it was actually pretty fun and a great ice breaker.

97. I saw Pope John Paul II three times- once in 2002 at World Youth Day in Toronto, Canada, and twice in Rome, Italy-- at a Rosary outside his window one Sunday and then at the Wednesday audience.

98. I am an easy person to get to know on the surface, but to dig deeper you'd have to spend more time with me.

99. I used AAA the other day for the 2nd time in my life. A woman at Meijer was parked right next to me and she locked her purse, keys, and cell phone in her trunk. We talked for the 45 minutes or so that it took AAA to get there, and it was cool to get to know her!

100. I was watching my brother's girlfriend at the play this afternoon. I was thinking about the fact that one day, hopefully not too far away, my family will expand to include brother- and sister-in-laws. Even though Sam (my bro Sam's gf) is quiet, she's a sweet girl and I think she'd fit in well with crazy, amazing family.

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Meju said...

was nice to get to know you through your blog.....thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a Bethany of my own.