Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part VII

61. I am not an animal person-- at ALL. I don't like cats or dogs.

62. I love fish and frogs though-- I'm more of an ocean girl!

63. We've had many pets over the years though-- Dogs: Misty, Star, Rose, Hunter...Cats: Mak, Stormy, Serenity, Bubbles, Diamond, Allie and a million kittens... Fish: Rainbow, Cain, and ton of unnamed ones...Frog: Fruit Loops (he was albino, LOL!)...bunnies: Sally and Muffy...Hamster: Tanner...and we've taken care of a lizard or two, which I thought was awesome.

64. Growing up, I always wanted to own an iguana. My parents got me Tanner the Hamster instead.

65. I always thought that by the time I was 23, I'd be married with 2 or 3 kids.

66. I graduated from high school and college in December.

67. While on my mission trip to New Mexico/Juarez, Mexico a few years ago, I couldn't believe the vast difference between the US and Mexico. If you have never been there, you can see a virtual line where the US and Mexico divide.

68. While on my mission trip to New Orleans last month, I was extremely surprised at how desolate most of the city was. It was truthfully like a ghost town.

69. I am deathly afraid of two things: appendicitis and driving on snowy/icy roads.

70. The best concert I have ever attended was a Michael W. Smith one in August '04. It was just a week or so before my move to Austria, and it was SO powerful!!

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