Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Things Part III

21. I have added 30 friends in the past 2 weeks, mostly people I met on my mission trip to New Orleans.

22. There is a fundraiser for my Belize mission trip today. I am skipping it because my 17 y/o brother Sam is in a play this weekend...he is singing and dancing and well, how could I miss that?!?!

23. I do not like the color pink at all, but for some reason like the layout of this blog. I guess it's because it makes me think of my good friend Jenn, who I met while living up in MA.

24. My all time favorite author is Karen Kingsbury.

25. I did not study the Montessori method in college.

26. My college didn't/doesn't even offer a course in Montessori methods, and it doesn't mention it at all in the Education program.

27. While in college, one of the 3 Musketeers (who was a "friend" at the time) gave me a book on the Montessori method and I found it interesting.

28. After my nannying job fell apart, I was looking for a place to work and just fell into the Montessori job.

29. I love my job!

30. I miss nannying at times because I had the freedom of being a stay at home mom while getting paid.

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